tkp.sourcefinder.gaussian – defines a two dimensional Gaussian function

Definition of a two dimensional elliptical Gaussian.

tkp.sourcefinder.gaussian.gaussian(height, center_x, center_y, semimajor, semiminor, theta)[source]

Return a 2D Gaussian function with the given parameters.

  • height (float) – (z-)value of the 2D Gaussian
  • center_x (float) – x center of the Gaussian
  • center_y (float) – y center of the Gaussian
  • semimajor (float) – major axis of the Gaussian
  • semiminor (float) – minor axis of the Gaussian
  • theta (float) – angle of the 2D Gaussian in radians, measured between the semi-major and y axes, in counterclockwise direction.

2D Gaussian (function of pixel coords (x,y))

Return type: