tkp.utility.containers – Generic container classes

Container classes for the TKP pipeline.

These provide convenient means of marshalling the various types of data – lightcurves, detections, sources, etc – that the pipeline must handle.

class tkp.utility.containers.ExtractionResults[source]

Container for the results of running source extraction on an ImageData object

class tkp.utility.containers.ObjectContainer[source]

A container class for objects.

What sort of objects? Well, anything that has a position and we want to keep lists of, really. So detections (ie, an individual source measurement on an image), sources (ie all the detections of a given object in a given image stack) and lightcurves (ie, all the sources associated with a given object through time).

You probably don’t want to use this on it’s own: see ExtractionResults, TargetList or source for more useful derived classes.


Not implemented.


Not implemented.


Not implemented.


Not implemented.

__setslice__(section, items)[source]

Not implemented.