Source code for tkp.steps.quality

All generic quality checking routines.
import logging

from tkp.telescope.lofar.quality import reject_check_lofar
from tkp.telescope.aartfaac.quality import reject_check_aartfaac
from tkp.accessors.lofaraccessor import LofarAccessor
from tkp.accessors import AartfaacCasaImage
import tkp.db.quality
import tkp.quality.brightsource
import tkp.quality

logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)

[docs]def reject_check(image_path, job_config): """ Check if an image passes the quality checks. If not, a rejection reason is returned. args: id: database ID of image. This is not used but kept as a reference for distributed computation! image_path: path to image parset_file: parset file location with quality check parameters Returns: (rejection ID, description) if rejected, else None """ accessor = if isinstance(accessor, AartfaacCasaImage): rejected = reject_check_aartfaac(accessor) if rejected: return rejected # Only run LOFAR-specific QC checks on LOFAR images. if isinstance(accessor, LofarAccessor): rejected = reject_check_lofar(accessor, job_config) if rejected: return rejected else: msg = "no specific quality checks for " + accessor.telescope logger.warn(msg)
[docs]def reject_image(image_id, reason, comment): """ Adds a rejection for an image to the database """ tkp.db.quality.reject(image_id, reason, comment)