Image Metadata Injection


In order to images through the TraP, they are required to provide a comprehensive set of metadata, including details such as observation time, frequency and the shape of the restoring beam.

Unfortunately, not all images are produced with all the required metadata embedded. The metadata injection tool,, makes it possible to annotate images with a user-supplied set of metadata. This can be used to either replace incorrect metadata provided with an image, or to provide it from scratch.

Configuration is configured by means of a ConfigParser format file named inject.cfg in the users job directory. See the documentation on pipeline configuration for details.

The default inject.cfg file contains the following settings:

taustart_ts = "2007-07-20T14:18:09.909001" ; start time
freq_eff = 128613281.25                  ; frequency in Hz
freq_bw = 1940917.96875                  ; bandwidth in Hz
tau_time = 58141509.156864166            ; integration time
antenna_set = "HBA_DUAL"                   ; which antenna set is used
subbands = 10
ncore = 41                               ; number of core stations
nremote = 0                                ; number of remote stations
nintl = 0                                ; number of international stations
subbandwidth = 128613281.25
bmaj = 1.9211971282958984
bmin = 1.7578132629394532
bpa = 1.503223674140207
itrf_position_x = 3.8269e+06
itrf_position_y = 460979
itrf_position_z = 5.06466e+06

Any or all of these may be changed by the user to reflect their requirements.